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Nothing But The Truth ~ feature script adapted from the young adult fiction novel by Avi. Note: this script is a WRITING SAMPLE ONLY.

To avoid a suspension for mocking the National Anthem, a high school student accuses his teacher of violating his right to free speech, creating unwanted national attention on the district and costing his teacher her job.  Read the Script

The Religion of Women ~ original spec feature touches upon the parallels of materialism and morality. How far is too far?  The script is entertaining while still tackling serious issues.

A financially insecure college student sells her virginity for a designer coat, but in the process puts her friendship and family relationships at risk.  Read the Script

Beene ~ comedy short script adapted from the short story “You Know How to Spell Elijah” by Dave Eggers. While this is an adaptation, everything in the story is original excluding the concept of misspelling “Elijah.” The characters, story, locations, and dialog are all my original work.

When frustrations at the airport build, a man loses his temper with parents who are incorrectly teaching their daughter how to spell “Elijah.” Read the Short

Loose Ends ~ original experimental short script using a non-linear story and dream-like imagery to outline the troubled relationship between a father and son.  Read the script

Broken ~ original experimental short script co-written with producer/director Michael Nicholas. The film is about the broken heart of a man whose wife cheated on and left him. Read the script.

Rogue ~ I wrote this for a contest that wanted the first 15 pages for an action script. It’s about a woman who must retrace her life as a government operative– while avoiding the task force sent to annihilate her– to discover who betrayed and framed her. Read the 15 pages.

Radio Commercial ~ Commercial for composer Michael Nicholas’s radio spot. Read here.


Hank the Caterpillar: “Change is good.”

The Path in the Yellow WoodA Catholic Pro-life activist becomes pregnant after a vicious rape and must decide between her marriage or an abortion.

Medusa’s DaughterThe daughter of Medusa and Poseidon—conceived during her father’s rape of her mother—has remained hidden from the eyes of Athena, waiting to restore her mother’s honor.

The Dressmaker’s Daughter


  The Hodge-Podge Gallery has been my personal blog for the last three years.  I tackle a variety of topics– reviews for films/TV/books, recipes, gaming, music, fashion, family, life in LA, and reflections— with humor. Even when I’m sharing a recipe or recommending my favorite bath product, there’s always a story to tell.  This blog is a great example of my voice and humor.

Guest Bloggery: I wrote a piece about Why I Blog for the lifestyle blog A Little Slice of Special.